Porterhouse Beef/Peppered Porterhouse

Our porterhouse beef is cooked to your liking, from medium-rare through to well-done. A favourite is the peppered porterhouse with black peppers infusing the meat.

> Item #010

Denuded Sirloin Beef

For the most pristine of cuts try the extra lean and completely denuded sirloin of tender beef cooked to your liking. Great for cold platters, roasts or sandwiches.

> Item #020

Roasting Beef

For that traditional roast meal try our bolar blade and silverside cuts of beef – trim, tender and tasty.

> Item #030

Peppered Beef

Have your Roasting Beef peppered and/or medium-rare. Great for roasts, cold platters or sandwiches.

> Item #040

Corned Silverside/ Beef

Cornbeef cured with unique flavours making it delightfully tender and tasty. A traditional “fall-apart” corn beef when re-heated for that little bit longer. Otherwise slice for sandwiches and platters.

> Item #050

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